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Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless steel wire is supplied in coils or spool packages with full of length per coil and wire diameter. Stainless steel wire is widely used in woven wire mesh and filters.

Stainless Steel Bright Bars

Stainless steel bright bars sizes range widely for special building construction material applications. The bright bar types are cold drawn round bars, turned or peeled round bars.

Stainless Steel Welding Wire

Stainless steel welding wire with different types are used for the welding of automobile, petrochemical industry, power station, ship, medical machinery, oil refinery.

Stainless Steel Spring Wire

Stainless steel spring wire is widely used for mattress spring, compression spring, mechanical spring and hard needle with tensile strength and length available.

Stainless Steel Spool Wire

Stainless Steel Spool Wire materials have 304 304L 316 316L. Stainless steel spool wire is used in application of redrawing wire, weaving wire mesh, making soft pipes and filter elements.

Cold Heading Wires

Stainless steel cold heading wire can be manufactured with soap drawn skin pass uniform coating in annealed condition in various grades. Different grades cold heading wire meet the usage.

Stainless Steel Fine Wire

Fine wire has the largest using quantity. stainless steel fine wire is often used as weaving wire, knitting wire, braiding wire, cabling wire, locking wire, tying wire, spring wire as well as in form products and resistance elements.

S.S Reinforcement Bar

Stainless steel reinforcing bar is cut and bent, stock lengths or coil. Stainless steel reinforcement bar is often used to concrete bridges, building constructions.

Low Carbon Steel Wire

Low carbon steel wire is the materials for wire ropes, concrete mesh or reinforcing mesh. The steel wire diameters range widely and have the strong strength. The surface treatment can be galvanized.

Nail Wire

We can supply stainless steel nail wires with different specifications. With the stainless steel wire, we can produce various types of head, shanks, and points, rivets, staple, etc.

Solder Wire

Stainless steel sold wire with various material types and wire diameters is absolutely the suitable material using in the field of chemical industrial, oil industrial, car.

Straight Wire

Straight wire refers to the stainless steel bright bar or wire cut into the same length wire. Straight wire packaged in bouquet is for application in mechanical machines.

Tie Wire

Tie wire is also called bailing wire. The common materials are stainless steel wire, PVC coated wire, galvanized wire. It is supplied in coil or spool to use in buildings.

Annealing Wire

Black annealed wire is made of carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire. It is used for tie wire, baling wire applications. It is used in construction, building and housing industry.

Fine Wire

We are the stainless steel wire supplier and manufacturer. Supply various stainless steel fine wire and stainless steel fiber yarn in the packing of coils or spools. The fine wire diameter ranges widely.

Weaving Wire

Weaving wire refers to carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire to use for welded netting, knitted mesh, conveyor belts and filters.

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