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S.S Reinforcement Bar

Stainless Steel Reinforcement Bar

Mo-containing stainless steels and reinforced concrete bridges

When it comes to building or repairing reinforced concrete bridges so that life-cycle costs are minimized, many authorities are specifying the use of stainless steel reinforcing bars (rebar) instead of the traditional carbon steel rebar.

Stainless steels containing molybdenum (Mo) are the alloys of choice when "stainless rebar" is specified. The most commonly specified alloys are shown below (nominal compositions in weight %, balance iron):

Grade Type UNS No Cr Ni Mo N C max.
Type 316 austenitic S31600 17 12 2-3   0.08
Type 316L austenitic S31603 17 12 2-3   0.03
Type 316LN austenitic S31653 17 12 2-3 0.13 0.03
Alloy 2205 duplex S31803 22 5 3 0.16-0.17 0.03

These alloys can provide long-term corrosion resistance when concrete is exposed to chloride-containing environments, e.g., road salts and sea water. They have been used as rebar in highway bridges, ramps & barrier walls, parking garages, sea walls & marine facilities, building foundations & restorations, and tunnels.

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