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China Standard Stainless Steel Wire

China's current standard of stainless steel wire: GB/T4240-93 stainless steel wire standard.

GB/T4240-93 standard is for the classification of stainless steel wire, brands, size, shape, technical requirements, testing methods, inspection rules, packaging, label and quality certificates. This standard applies to stainless steel wire, but does not apply to spring, cold treatment with stainless steel wire and welding.

Marks for stainless steel grade of China.
1Cr18Ni9: an average content of 9 percent nickel, average 18 percent of chromium, carbon content 0.1 percent.

  1. The first figure before the grade mark is ten times the percentage of carbon content.
  2. The figure behind the key element indicates the percentage of this element. If the element content is less than 1.5 percent, then the figure is not written, if more than 1.5 while less than 2.5 percent, then the figure 2 is written after the element.
  3. The trace elements such as Ti, Nb, Al, N, and other trace elements should be written in the steel grades.
  4. The character Y should be added in front of the mark for free cutting steel.
  5. The trademark followed by "L" indicates cold drawing, plus "Q" indicates light drawing, plus "R" indicates the soft state.

Commonly used marks in China with comparisons:

  • 301:1Cr17Ni7: for spring.
  • 302:1Cr18Ni9: for spring.
  • 302HQ: 0Cr18Ni9Cu3: for cold heading with good performance.
  • 303: Y1Cr18Ni9 for precision shaft.
  • 304: 0Cr18Ni9: general steel.
  • 304M: 0Cr18Ni9, Ni 9.0% -10.0%: for rivets.
  • 304H: 0Cr18Ni9: C 0.05% -0.08%: high strength.
  • 304N: 0Cr18Ni9N: increased strength.
  • 304HC: 0Cr18Ni9Cu2: lower magnetic and improved corrosion resistance, for rivet.
  • 304L: 00Cr18Ni10.
  • 305: 1Cr18Ni12: non-magnetic.
  • 308: 0Cr21Ni12: for welding.
  • 309: 0Cr24Ni13: for welding.
  • 310: 0Cr25Ni20: Heat and corrosion-resistant, stable at temperature 1100 °C.
  • 314: 0Cr25Ni20Si2: heat and corrosion-resistant, stable at temperature 1150 °C.
  • 316: 0Cr17Ni12Mo2: plus Mo, anti-chloride corrosion.
  • 316L: 00Cr17Ni14Mo2: anti-corrosive hydrogen sulfide.

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